Frequently Asked Questions



  • Is It Free To Use Hosting Plan By Sign -Up?
  • Yes, By Sign-Up, Free Web Hosting Plan is provided Instantly By complete 2 Steps..

  • What is Premium Web Hosting with Domain?
  • The Premium Web Hosting include domain name(yourname.in) with Free Web Hosting and Extra FREE Products and Services.For More details Click Here ...

  • Is Bandwidth is Limited to 3GB/Month?

  • To prevent abuse, default Bandwidth quota is 3GB (3072MB)per Month. If you need more just Contact Us

  • Is Disk Quota is Limited to 3000MB?

  • To prevent abuse, default Disk Quota: is 300 MB . If you need more just Contact Us

  • How to Add Free Domain Names In cpanel ?
  • Once your account is activated you can, from within your Control Panel Add extra Domains and sub-domains from a the list Available.(DropDown List).

  • Is Add On/Sub-Domain/Parked Domain Limited Per Account.
  • To prevent abuse, default Domain Quota:/Account is 2 . If you need more just Contact Us

  • I'm allowed to add my own ads?
  • Yes. However, sites with excessive ads are not allowed for ad-supported service.

  • What are DNS name servers?

        When you create the hosting account for domain, nameservers will be displayed in Cpanel Login.

  • I uploaded the files but my site displays your default file.

Upload an index.

Valid index files: index.html index.htm index.shtml

Our servers have Linux and file name is case sensitive.

So, InDex.htm or index.HTM is not the same with index.htm.

  • My site is not working correctly, it's full of 404 errors and broken images.

First, check if the path to the file(s) is correct.

Second, file name is case sensitive. Image.gif is not the same with image.gif or image.GIF. These are 3 different things.

Because of hotlink protection you are unable to view uploaded images with direct access. You can view images only if you insert them on web pages or if they are linked within the same account.

  • I encounter many errors, the script say to change file permission.

You can change file permission with your ftp client, in most cases click on Properties.

Also, you can do that with control panel . Click Online File Manager, select the file and click Set Permission.

  • How to upload my site?

The best solution is a ftp program, check tools. But you can try File Management as well <--- via FTP Software.

  • I get Internal Server Error.
  • Wrong .htaccess rules may broke your site. Just delete .htaccess file if you don't know how to fix the errors. We have apache 2.2 and some old rules will no longer work.

  • Can I use .htaccess or other dot file?
  • Yes, we have full .htaccess support. Mod_rewrite is enabled and you will be able to use permalinks or any other rule.

  • An Error has occurred! Unable to open configuration file to write!
  • Set permission for configuration file to 777 (full permissions) then back to 644, for security reasons.

  • Please delete my account.
  • We won't delete accounts on request. Inactive accounts are automatically deleted, so please don't ask.

  • Please activate my account .
  • As due to Inactivity of the account, temporarily inactive state reached before delete of the account.So, Request to Contact earlier by sending Email to [email protected] with your User Id.
    • Who pays the bill?
    • No need to worry about that, we cover the cost for the servers from happy FREE users who needed more powerful hosting plans and upgraded to paid hosting plans. This covers the cost of free hosting and allows us to provide this FREE and AWESOME web site hosting service. No Ads Free Hosting: comes with all the features and tools that are found on expensive paid hosting plans.
    • My domain is not working.

    If you already own the domain, just point it to our DNS name servers and create the account. Propagation can take few minutes up to 48 hours.

    • I am not able to login in my account.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with your Username like< putid_.. >.we will responce within 24 working hours.

    • Is Help & Tutorials Available?.

    Please SignUp and Login with your Username in VistaPanel Then Help & Tutorials be Available about Website Developmemt.


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